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Helping families through the loss of a loved one is more than a job – it’s a calling.
Ngoma Logistics Ltd, we're honored to play our part in such a delicate and emotional process, so you can take comfort knowing the remains entrusted to you will be handled with dignity. Through Ngoma Cares, we provide compassionate and professional service to berieved families and funeral directors /Homes responsible for preparation of Human remains for airworthiness and transporting their most precious cargo.

Our combined airfreight logistic expertise enables us to organize the best possible airline connections, bearing in mind the respect required in dealing with Human remains within the confines and limits of procedures and formalities stipulated by Airline regulations.

A flight can be booked within a few hours, of all documentation being complete, for all repatriations, and in addition you’ll receive sensitive, personalized travel assistance and customer support, including:-

  • We assist secure Freight booking and airline documentation (Airway bill). offering Airport-to-airport International Repatriation services to any country in the world serviced by our partner airline
  • Brokerage of cheap freight rates and handling charges on a pre-paid basis only.
  • Advice on all Repatriation documentation and coffin requirements for: more information can be obtained from your Embassy and consulate as regulations differ from Country to Country and we can only advise you on specific requirements for the required destination.
  • Ensure Priority handling and boarding by our dedicated team of agents
  • Expedited handling and customs clearance to minimize time in transit for incoming shipments

General requirements for repatriation of HUM for international carriage

Human remains may be offered for transportation by air and may be accepted for carriage on an airport to airport basis subject to advance bookings

  • Human remains tendered for dispatch, must in all instances be embalmed and enclosed in a hermetically sealed metal container and then be placed in a stout wooden leak-proof coffin.
  • A coffin of usual shape must be fully covered with burlap/hessian or may be enclosed in a secondary outer packaging constructed of wood or strong fiberboard.
  • The coffin, whether covered or placed in a secondary outer packaging, must be constructed so as to withstand the rigorous experienced during normal handling and transportation.
  • No marks, letters or endorsements must appear on the package/wrapping except the required Airway bill cargo identification label, name and address of consignee and package orientation labels which are required on opposite sides of the outer packaging.

Any requests for the carriage of non-embalmed human remains on the international services will not be accepted by Ngoma Care*.
Human remains tendered for dispatch, without an embalming certificate will be rejected*

Human remains in Ashes

Ashes are to be contained within a plastic bag in a funeral urn or casket which is suitably sealed and packed in a wooden or strong fiberboard outer packaging. Packaging orientation labels are required on opposite sides of the outer packaging. No other special packing requirements are required.

Documentation for International Carriage

Certain countries have stringent regulations regarding the importation of human remains, be they embalmed or cremated. The Air Cargo Tariff (TACT) Rules, Section 7 refers - Information by countries may be consulted in this regard, however, it is advisable to contact the Embassy or Consulate of the country concerned for the latest information.

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Documentation required for the dispatch of HUM to destinations outside the Republic of Uganda is

  • A Signed letter of request for repatriation from the deceased embassy or consulate
  • Passport of the deceased***.
  • A Death certificate***.
  • Postmortem report***
  • A Certificate of Embalming***.
  • A certificate of no contagious disease
  • Acknowledgement Letter from the Funeral directors who handled the remains***